NOVEMBER 18, 2019







Join Ichi Go for a presentation of ikutani SAN(by ELEKTRO KAGURA(電気神楽).


About the work—worlds meet here! Musical, sensual, aesthetic and traditional. Framed and supported by the modern visual power of mapping as well as the musical transference from high culture and pop culture, we will become acquainted with the Japanese dance form kagura. The ancient legend of a goddess in a dance of liberation for the light presents itself to us as a spectacle of the present.


About the group—電気神楽 Elektro Kagura is a group composed of three artists, three different forms of art:

DANCE: Ichi Go from Japan, an incredible versatile contemporary dancer, traditional and urban.

DIGITAL PAINTING: Yukihiro Ikutani, also from Japan, a performer creating landscapes with a graphics tablet, an artist focusing on the spontaneous process.

ELECTRO MUSIC: AXL OTL, a french composer behind synths and computers with a crush for classical composers.




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