LMnO3 at Chez Bushwick Studio - AIR 2017
LMnO3 at Chez Bushwick Studio – © Libby Rush – 2017

Resources Provided by Chez Bushwick

  • 100 hours of rehearsal space during off-peak hours
  • Monday – Sunday, 8am – 11am & 7pm – 10pm
  • Networking opportunities through group showings with other Artists in Residence
  • Presentation of new work as part of Chez Bushwick Presents 2Night Show at
    CPR – Center for Performance Research
  • Opportunities to engage with the Brooklyn community

Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation, Inc
Artist-In-Residence Cycle 1 2018, for Chez Bushwick Studio

In honor of the 15th anniversary, our organization is pleased to grow a Fifth Residency to the artists in residence!

Five artists will be offered 14-week residencies dedicated to fostering the creation, development, and performance of new work by both emerging and mid-career choreographers. Our organization, with peer panel selection, will provide 5 artists up to 100 hours of rehearsal space during off-peak hours 7-11am and 7pm-12am, monthly peer forums, feedback, and a presentation of the new work developed during the residency. This new work may be presented in any form, at any stage of progress at the final showing.

Annual Artists In Residence are curated through an open application process, and final selections are chosen by a panel of industry professionals. Applications will be assessed based on existing exposure of the artist, the quality of the application, the work sample and the project proposed.

AIR Meet & Greet: Tuesday February 27 7-9pm
Studio Residency: March 5- June 17, 2018
Peer Showings: March 27April 24May 15
2Night Show Tech: Wednesday May 23, 2018
2Night Show:  May 24 & 25, 2018


Current Artists in Residence

* Artist-in-Residence Cycle 3 – Fall/Winter 2017 Studio Residency: November 6 – February 11

Lauren Bakst is an artist and writer living in New York. She works in, with, and through dance, approaching the situation of performing as an object of inquiry. Lauren is working or has recently worked with Effie Bowen, Chanterelle Menashe Ribes, Laura Morrison, students at University of the Arts School of Dance, Ivo Dimchev, and Yuri Masnyj. She is an editor of the Movement Research Performance JournalLauren currently manages Private Collection, a personally-motivated performance-archive.

Amanda Hunt has performed her own work at Judson, AUNTS, PPL, Governor’s Island Art Fair, Larkin Arts (Harrisonburg, VA), Segundo Piso (Puebla, MX), Grace Exhibition Space, and choreographed for the late Liz Swados in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She has attended the Old Furnace Artist Residency (Harrisonburg, VA), presented at Open Engagement at the Oakland Museum, and remounted a sculpture for visual artist Jackie Winsor at Hauser Wirth and Schimmel in Los Angeles. Amanda has been dancing with Kathy Westwater since 2013, and has also worked with Kira Alker + Elke Luyten, Sam Kim, and De Facto Dance. Collaborative works with IV Castellanos have been performed at Gibney Dance Center, Highways Performance Space (L.A.), PPL, Rosekill, and this fall at the Aha Festival (Santa Fe, NM) and Danspace Project (MR Festival).

IV Castellanos is an abstract performance artist and sculptor. They collaborate regularly with PPL and have also performed at the Queens Museum, Gruentaler9 (Berlin), DFBRL8R (Chicago), Grace Exhibition Space, IV Soldiers, Dixon Place, and Gallery Sensei. They are the founder of FAG (Feminist Art Group), who have performed at PPL as well as Rosekill Art Life Institute (Kingston, NY) and also assist visual artist Jackie Winsor, for whom they remounted a sculpture at Hauser Wirth and Schimmel in L.A. Collaborative works with Amanda Hunt have been performed at Gibney Dance Center, Highways Performance Space (L.A.), PPL, Rosekill, and this fall at the Aha Festival (Santa Fe, NM) and Danspace Project (MR Festival). IV is Latinx Bolivian-American Trans Queer artist.

Tingying Ma is a New York-based theatre artist. Her contextual practice with immaterial performance examines mass amnesia, mediation, and false ideological hygiene. Tingying has been active as Future Host, a conceptual writer duo. Her works have been presented internationally including Knockdown Center, Queens, BankArt Studio, Yokohama, Signature Theatre and The Current Sessions, Manhattan. She obtained her an MFA from Columbia University where she was mentored by David Henry Hwang and Ong Keng Sen.

Ashley R.T. Yergens is a byproduct of growing up on tater tots and WWE SmackDown. He’s a 2016 boo-koo artist-in-residence at Gibney Dance, and a 2016-17 Fresh Tracks Artist at New York Live Arts. Please text your favorite emoji combination to him at (507)412-138




Past Artists in Residence

Catherine Galasso, Dana Katz, LJ Leach, Alessia Lovreglio, Mari Meade Montoya, Mina Nishimura, Goldie Peacock, Nadia Tykulsker, Mariana Valencia, Katie Workum, Effie Bowen, Kelly Buwalda, Marc Crousillat, Gabrielle D’Angelo, Elisabeth Motley, Nicole Roerick, Danielle Russo, Stuart Shugg, Samuel Swanton, Eli Tamondong, Connor Voss, Nicole Wolcott, Mei Yamanaka, Evvie Allison, Sarah Lifson, Judith Locovozzi, Alex Romania, Laurel Atwell, Zavé Martohardjono, Lily Shapiro, Alina Folini, Emma Geisdorf, Chris Devita, Justin Cabrillos, Millie Kapp, Johnnie Mercer, Kate Watson-Wallace, Lisa Fagan, Karolina Kraczkowska, Doug LeCours, Gabrielle Revlock, Tara Willis, Anthony Rosado, Lorene Bouboushian, Stormy Budwig, Leslie Cuyjet, Nora Stephens, J. Bouey, Elena Light + Henry Holmes, Itamar Segev, Kwok Verrill.