Chez Bushwick is dedicated to fostering the creation, development, and performance of interdisciplinary movement based work through affordable rehearsal space, an incredible Artists-in-Residence program, as well as public performances, classes, and informal work-in-progress showings.

Chez Bushwick Programs include:

2Night Shows
A performance series that runs for 2 nights each, presented at the CPR – Center for Performance Research. 2Night Shows are either curated by guests artists, are used as a platform to present the works of Chez Bushwick Artists-in-Residence, or for visiting artists.

Artist-in-Residence Program
A three month residency in the Chez Bushwick Studio, culminating in a 2Night Show at CPR – Center for Performance Research

Classes and Workshops
Monthly Member Work-In-Progress Showings


Chez Bushwick also engages with the local community, and presents work outside of the studio in partnership with Bushwick venues.