2Night Show May
Artist-in-Residence Showing
May 25-26, 2017


CPR – Center for Performance Research
361 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

With Chez Bushwick Artists in Residence: J. Bouey, Elena Rose Light + Henry Holmes, Itamar Segev, and Kwok Verrill

J. Bouey: The Space Between Words
Choreographed and performed by J. Bouey, in collaboration with Wendell Gray II
This work is motivated by the effort and spiritual practice of unlearning and mending ones self to cope with the burden of Racial Trauma, as well as questioning and exploring how to facilitate this healing process through movement.

Itamar Segev: Out Damn Spot
Written, composed, and choreographed by Itamar Segev
Out Damn Spot is a performative attempt to embody the necessary heartbreak and confusion that happen when white ideas of ‘home’ and ‘good’ are confronted with the compartmentalization, lies and erasure that allow that home to exist to begin with.

Elena Rose Light + Henry HolmesBlanket Statements 

Kwok VerrillWormhole